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anon: no new recently notebook's posts? love those links

wesley: hopefully there will be more soon, when i am a little less depressed and busy :)

anon: was reading through some of your thoughts online and I'm suprised you don't mention haskell anywhere? algebraic data types, strictly functional, I'm confused, you seem to be into this kinda thing? :)

wesley: haskell seems nice, but i haven't used it seriously for a handful of reasons: it seems very hard to reason about the runtime performance, the language seems unnecessarily large, and other languages have served me well enough so far. i'm also not 100% convinced about the value of laziness in a language, although i admit that i haven't played with that aspect of language design enough to truly understand the tradeoff. but overall, it's just not a priority for me at this point, rust works well enough for most things i want to do.

anon: is there somewhere we can read your thoughts on gender and your relationship with your own gender?

wesley: hmmmm, i don't think i've written publicly about gender things. maybe that's a good future notebook post. i think it roughly comes down to three things:

but there's a lot more to it than that — i really should write about it, i'll update this when i do :)

anon: which San Francisco park is the best?

wesley: golden gate park, but it's sort of an outlier, so idk if it should count. grandview park is also great in its own way. but really the answer is whichever park is nearby and far away from cars :)

anon: anything you've cooked recently that you'd recommend?

wesley: i've been making risotto a lot recently, which is tasty and a lot easier than i think people think it is (the trick is that you can just do most of the intense stirring at the end and it'll turn out fine)

anon: what's the meaning of life?

wesley: life doesn't have any inherent meaning, so you get to decide for yourself :)

anon: what is love?

wesley: baby don't hurt me

anon: what are some things you just avoid because of how easily you get sucked into them?

wesley: most video games (especially minecraft), twitter, TV shows that i know are long.