welcome to glit.sh!

glit.sh is what it'd look like if Glitch.com went back to the 90s and got together with CGI.

view-source on the server-side!

you can view the source for any page by changing the url from glit.sh to src.glit.sh - for instance, the source code for this page is at https://src.glit.sh/. a web-based editor is coming soon.

write code in any language!

you can write code in any language - when someone visits a page, your script is executed! it's as simple as that.

stop worrying about databases!

you have a filesystem right there - want to save some data? just write it to a file :) this is a really bad idea, but it's also very freeing

so what is all this?

this is a sort of tilde server meant to explore what it's like to put a friendlier interface on some ancient concepts - anyone can make an account and write a bit of code that'll be run when somebody visits their page. the name comes from the Yiddish word גליטש (often romanized as "glitsh"), which is the origin of the English word "glitch" - glit.sh is Glitch.com, taken into the past. it's also a reference to shell scripting and the .sh file extension.

i'm still building this and figuring out what it'll be, but if you wanna join the party, make an account or shoot an email to me@wesleyac.com.

the current users are wesleyac, lord, d, noorgm, ryan, marie1337a, pseuyi, zach, shared, solquemal, asinghamgoodwin, kat, gatlee, lukas, dogstar, windmill, lagunka, atraverslanuit, melanie, hellerve, omarshehata, gabriel, sabman, srg, gregtechnology, julipode, and hopefully you?

you can see my notes on how i set up this server here :)

you are visitor number !